Have you got what it takes?

  • Do you like writing and recording in different styles?

  • Can you think out-of-the-box?

  • Do you want to work with the biggest brands in the world?

  • Want your music featured in worldwide tv series, commercials and films?

  • Think you can write epic music for product launches, shows and events?

  • Need help getting your music better? Need help getting clients? Want to get your music licensed? Planning to start a business?

Your personal coach Erwin Steijlen

Your personal music coach Erwin Steijlen

Are you ready to take your music next level?

Then you’ve come to the right place… Learn how to reach your musical goals, get your music up to market standards, get placements, get clients, get income and Start Your Career in Music Now!

Stop watching that billionth YouTube video by someone telling you how a compressor works, and start working on the things that really matter: Chords, Performance, Recordings, Theme and Vocal Line, Lyrics, Sound and Mix!  Then start Marketing! Need help? I’m available for personal coachings..

“Together we’ll make a personal plan for your future, based on the Method…”



What’s the Method?

The Method is about your music and getting it up to market standards. The quality of writing, recording and mixing needs to be at least as good as your competition because that’s what the market and your fans will be expecting. Work on becoming just as good as your heroes and start your own company while your’re doing it.

Then, take things “one step” further and find your own Unique Selling Point. Show the world who you are and why clients and fans need to listen to your music.

Circle around

However, to be really successful, you also need a business-wise approach. You need to become a creative businessperson. Only then it’s possible to get big clients and get your music on worldwide tv series and films. The Corporate Music Method teaches you how to get clients and how to write for clients, how to get synched and how to become a successful Creative Entrepreneur!

I’m proud to announce that from september 2016 the Corporate Music Method will be an official subject, a minor on ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts, earning music students 15 EC’s

          What’s the book “Corporate Music Method” about?

  • Besides information all artists, songwriters and composers definitely need to know about the music market today, and how they can use this knowledge to start their own creative business, it explains how and why the Method works.
  • “25 Rules to Become a Successful Corporate Music Writer”; musical tips and mixing tricks, many musical examples and everything you need to know about royalties, rights and synching.
  • Interviews with successful entrepreneurs such as Jordan Passman from Score A Score, Lee Johnson from Audiosparx and Henk Bout from Wisseloord Studios, so we can learn from the people who started a creative business and succeeded.
  • We’ll dive deep into important things like Global thinking, Mindset, Creative- and Concept thinking and how to really achieve success as a creative entrepreneur.
  • The book is available as a printed version and as an ebook at Amazon. 
  • The Black&White version for only 10 € / 11.39 $ is also available directly from here

The coaching options have been replaced by new and unique masterclass Totally Tuned

“The Totally Tuned Masterclass is a 12 week course where you work on real assignments from real clients, while getting help and feedback from our world class coaches. Goal is to deliver great tracks for our clients and for syncing in the future, and to give you all the tools to become a DIY artist able to make a living from your talent..”

But there is also a personal coaching option. Check it out!

How I Can Help?

I decided to make myself available as a coach for musicians, composers and songwriters. Why? Because I get dozens of emails every week by musicians asking me for advice. Help and advice both musically and business-wise.
Most questions are about my music, my clients and the company I have successfully built by composing for brands, events, shows, tv, movies, commercials and product launches. And ever since I released my book “The Corporate Music Method” the stream of e-mails and questions got even bigger.

Questions such as:
“Can I do this kind of work too?”

“How do I get clients?”

“How do I write for a brand?”

“How much time do I have when I get a composing job?”

”How much money can I ask?” 

“How does it all work with music rights?”

Your Personal Music Coach Erwin Steijlen

How do I get synched? 
Is my music good enough?
Can you help me get better? Can you make my mixes better? What should I be able to do musically? What’s it like working with film or ballet, a choreographer, advertising or event agencies?
 How do I get started with my own business?

Let me help you get answers to all these questions! Start taking your music serious, take it next level and become a creative entrepreneur! Not a video with some general information, but a personal plan made for you to get better and become successful!

About me

I’ve been successfully working with the biggest brands worldwide, composing for film, tv series, events, shows and artists for 15 years now, I can probably say I’m the # 1 Product Launch composer worldwide. Writing my book the “Corporate Music Method” and having years of experience as a coach, teaching Songwriting and Media Composing at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts, has taught me there is a big need for a new business model. A model where creative musicians can make a living on their own, without the need of old-school record companies and publishers. The old ways simply don’t work anymore since Apple, Spotify and YouTube have changed the rules….However, these changes also mean chances for those that are really serious about their music! I have successfully built my company based on such a model; the “Corporate Music Method”, and now it’s time to share this knowledge and experience.

Some of my musical highlights: Over 15 years of experience writing for the biggest brands worldwide including Nike, Philips, Bentley, Verizon Fios, KPN, Times Warner, MTV, Bentley, Delta Airlines, AON and hundreds more. Music for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Cirque du Soleil, Moscow State Circus, I have even worked with Pink! and Shakira. Composing and recording every BMW and VW product launch worldwide for more than 10 years now. Shows and performces in over 40 countries, a long collaberation with DJ Fedde LeGrand, the inauguaration of the biggest ship ever build “The Pioneering Spirit” and Formula 1 racedriver Michael Schumacher has even danced with his car to my music 😉

The Method made it possible for me to write music for the dutch King, the Tour the France, write tango’s, dance, rock, pianomusic, metal, ambient, trailer, film music, classical, dubstep, ballet, games and mix it all up! It gave me the chance to perform in many faraway countries and make musical friends all around the world. Using the Method I realized over 30 tv commercials on US television and many more worldwide and got my songs featured in dozens of tv series like The Mentalist, Pretty Little Liars, Ben&Kate and Parenthood. I was lucky to play on many albums of great artists and I’ve released multiple albums myself over the years. My music is now featured on more than 200 albums, all available on iTunes and Spotify.

However, the most important thing is; I did it all by myself!  You really can be successful with your own music without the help of record companies, publishers or agents…

More information on me and my work can be found here: Erwin Steijlen.com

Or check out my YouTube and SoundCloud pages

But this is really all about you.. it’s perfectly possible to make a great living with your own music.. just be creative, rock the world and Start Your Career in Music Now!



Erwin is also available for lectures and masterclasses. If you have any questions then feel free to send an email

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